Moving House

Lately I’ve been thinking of moving house again. I’ve only been in my current place for just over a year so I’m probably mad, moving is an amazing upheaval, but nevertheless I have been thinking about it. The reason being is that I’m relatively far from family and friends and, as I don’t have a car, it can be a little awkward sometimes.

The question with moving house is what sort of place to move to – what can I afford now versus what might I be able to afford in the future. It is important to consider this because if there is one thing that can be said of moving you probably want to do it as few times as possible.

My budget can’t quite reach what I might call the ‘perfect’ house or flat. In which case there are there are two options either go for somewhere not great but good enough or wait.

Waiting, and patients, in general is something I am not good at. In this case I might be waiting for something that might not actually happen – but what am I waiting for?

Well to have just a tad more money. If you can hit the £90,000 mark for houses/flats there are a lot more options.

I’m also lazy. This means that I don’t particularly like the idea of having to paint and decorate a new place. Sometimes you look at places for sale and the colour scheme is just hideous – or they actually need to be painted as they’ve been neglected.

Nevertheless waiting is always a good thing to consider doing. We all know that feeling of buying something, usually a technological item, and then shortly afterwards the new and improved version is out! This phenomenon can happen with flats – at any moment the perfect place could come on the market.

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