Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day in the UK and many other countries. For me it means giving my father a substantial quantity of alcohol. Alcohol is one of my go to gifts for birthdays and other events. The other go to items are: cosmetics and chocolate. This trio can’t lead you far wrong. Unless you know someone who is teetotal, on a diet, and works at Lush. They would probably have all the cosmetics they could want – lucky people.

As you read this I will be at my parents house enjoying a lovely meal. Dad will have opened his present so I’m not giving anything away by putting it here.

As time goes by I find people increasingly difficult to buy for. I also find it difficult thinking up things for my own wish list. I don’t find I want that much. I’ve got enough books to last me 18 years. Probably much longer as I don’t read as fast as I think I do, there are more books than that calculation is based on, and I’m still accumulating more. I also have  enough DVDs to last, if played back to back: 34 Days, 23 Hours, and 3 minutes.

Yes. I did just do calculations on that.

No, they’re not completely accurate.

Yes, I’m aware this calculating is making me seem neurotic.

No, I’m not going to tell you that I just spent a good half hour or more working this out.

When it comes to Dad’s presents  he does have hobbies. However since he knows more about them than I do attempting to buy a hobby related present would be like trying to buy the Pope a birthday present and ending up with Catholicism for Dummies.

Incidentally I was going to write that as a joke. Turns out that book does exist.

So what have we learned?

I’m neurotic?

Well besides that…

Alcohol is the solution.

… said he who only really likes cider.

and the …For Dummies people have quite the range.

What, no seconds?
I have discovered, sir, a certain level of impatience when I calculate a lengthy time interval to the nearest second. However, if you wish…
No, no. Minutes is fine.

Data and Riker – (TNG – The Loss)

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