The Crystal Maze

With the news of the The Crystal Maze returning, sort of, I’ve been watching it on you tube. I’m feeling a little guilty for spending time watching it rather than doing something constructive. However if I talk about it here I can claim it was for research purposes. You’re not buying that are you?

The Crystal Maze ran from 1990-1995. It was a wonderful show with an excellent theme tune.

I have only vague memories of watching the show at the time but they are certainly fond ones.

In the show the contestants had to solve a variety of games. These were divided into metal, physical, a skill and a mystery. Also there were four time zones: Aztec, Future, Medieval, and Industrial (later ocean). When a game was completed they won a crystal. This gave them time in the crystal dome. In the dome they had to collect gold credits and if they got over 100 they won a prize. Though if they got silver that many gold were deducted.

The show sounds ridiculous when described here but it really was fun and interesting. Today there are shows like it, Total Wipeout for instant, but the vast majority of game shows are just answering questions in various different ways.

I hope that The Crystal Maze returns as a proper series. I certainly sense that there would be demand for it. Watching it back now it is very 90s. I’m not even sure what that means it just has a quality about it.

If you haven’t seen it I suggest you check it out. You’ll love the quirkiness, the contestants that fail at basic tasks, (Have you ever seen a woman try to dig with a metal detector?) … and you’ll probably find yourself shouting at the screen!

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