Never Before! Never Again?

The day before yesterday I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. It wasn’t anything exciting: I didn’t go to space, traveling in a balloon, or kiss someone.  I…

You may not believe this…

I left the flat without my mobile.

I was only going down the road a way and decided I wanted some time alone with my thought. Which is ironic because I live alone. However either due to procrastination or loneliness I usually have music on or you tube on.  When walking I normally listen to an audio book but silence is nice too now and then.

Well I say silence but I was walking along a main road.

I’m old enough to remember pagers. I know they still exist but no child would have them now. I had one in high school, somewhere between year 7 and 9, but now they’ve surely been replaced my mobile phones. I am fairly certain that since I got my first phone, a Nokia 3210, I’ve always had my phone with me.

It is a strange thought.

It didn’t really feel that strange not to have it. The only thing was I was thinking whether it was strange not to have it. So in not having it I could talk about not having it.

So go out without your mobile while you can.

The Samsung galaxy S5 mini, my phone, is an improvement on the S3 mini. However by the time they get to the S25 it’ll be truly mini it’ll be inside your skull! Resistance is futile.

Or like this….

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