Moving House (Part 2)

So I’ve been looking at more flats. It is an interesting experience. You have to look at potential rather than what is actually their. Some flats have hideous florescent green paint, or hideous furniture, or they simply haven’t been looked after, or they smell of cat.

Then you get the flat that would be perfect…

… if only it was about 5 kilometers away from where it actually is.

… if only it wasn’t so close to that infamous murder site.

… if only it wasn’t so close to a busy road.

… if only it wasn’t so dark and dingy you’d think it was designed by a vampire.

You see I like my flat except for its location. So I think I’ll just load it on to a truck and take it into Cardiff. I’m sure I can find a large field to plonk it down in.

That’s the only solution I can see so far.

When I am back in Cardiff I’ll have to think of another excuse as to why I haven’t gone to the gym in two weeks.

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