Happy Birthday, Star Trek

Fifty years ago today Star Trek started with the episode: The Man Trap. The anniversary almost passed me by but I couldn’t very well not talk about it could I?

Star Trek, and I’m speaking about it in all incarnations, (Even Enterprise) has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I believe the first episode I ever saw was The Devil In the Dark. I have this vague recollection of walking into the living room and seeing it on our tiny TV. I must have been… I have no idea actually but maybe 5… I remember thinking it looked boring and leaving. At some point I came to really enjoy it. DS9 is my favorite of the series followed closely by TNG and TOS.

TOS looks a little silly by today’s standards. We have surpassed them in several areas of technology, there is sexism, the sets weren’t always the best, and the aliens were obvious men in suits – nevertheless none of that, except the sexism, detracts from the fact that they told some really great stories and, without too much hyperbole, inspired a generation.

Live long and prosper.

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