Moving House

I am currently in the process of moving house. I have found an excellent place in a great location and I can’t wait to move in. It will probably be in December or early in the new year before that can happen.

Unlike my last place this one has, so far, no compromises. Every other flat I have seen their is always something wrong. Sometimes the location sucks, sometimes the rooms are too small, and sometimes it needs far too much work doing to it.

This one will need a bit of work but I am in a wonderfully unique position.  I can move in slowly. Since the scale of my last place I have been staying with my parents. And they have said that when I move I can take my time allowing me to get rid of lots of accumulated junk.

Once the work is done I shall get a Roomba and the little robot will keep it clean. Then I’ll just need a robot for the rest of the housework. Where I can pick up a Protocol droid?

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