It’s Been a While

Good day to you. How is your year going? I have now been in my flat for just over a month now and it is starting to really look like my place.

I’ve been selecting some of the Eaglemoss Star Trek ships. I would show you but my phone camera has died and my other cameras are in some box after the move.

Anyway my mantelpiece now has seven Enterprises on it: 1701, 1701 (Refit), A, B, C, D, and E. And a former CD rack is now housing various other craft from the Star Trek universe. Here’s a video of the ships from You Tube.

The Defiant and Voyager arrived this morning and at some point I need to acquire a Klingon Bird-of-Pray. Other than that I have my Babylon 5 poster on the wall and, along with my signed pictures from Christopher Judge and Hannah Spearritt, this is really starting to feel like my place

So, in short, my flat is looking geeky and nice! Although it is still rather untidy. I now have a robot vacuum cleaner too. I call it Ralph. Having it is like having a hyperactive cat. It gets stuck under the sofa and really doesn’t like my Ikea poang. I have boxes under the sofa and bookcase – just in case. When I’m out I have visions of the robot activating and knocking all my furniture over!

So I hope your year is going well and I will endeavour to not take as long to post here again. Goodbye for now.

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