Call me, Gym

pexels-photo-136409 As you can tell from the title I have run out of gym puns.

Which doesn’t matter now as I have quite the gym. Last year I bought for a year in advance which ended on the 26th  of February. Over the course of that year I went to the gym 40 times.

That is not the best showing. The good news is that I spent less than I would have just going along to the gym and buying a day pass. So money wise it was, technically, worth it.

The thing about the gym is the amount of time it takes up. pexels-photo-859933 Granted I only live 15 minutes away but it still takes time. And I never felt like going after work or on consecutive days so that very much limited my options.

So what is my plan now? Abandon all hope of looking good and start washing myself with a rag on a stick?

No instead I am going to exercise at home. Little and often. I worked out that with the amount of time I went to the gym about 12 minutes, ish, a day would have more or less the same effect. This requires some fudging, and is by no means scientific, but I will see how it works.

dumbbells-training-silver-sports-163498 I bought a dumbbell. Yes. Just the one. I can alternate arms so there was no real need for two. I just need to make sure I keep a good count so that I don’t end up being lopsided.

I have no idea what effect doing weights for some few minutes a day will do. I will see how I look after giving it a few months.

I am also using Wii fit. I know that game is really old now but I enjoy it and I don’t have weighing scales other wise.

In addition to this there is walking. Today (2018-03-04) was a work day and I have walked 10.66 kilometres according to my pedometer so that and walking on days off might be enough.

How do you like to keep fit? What keeps you motivated to go to the gym? And how do you find the time?

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.


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  1. My approach to keeping fit is to try to make sure that there is some natural exercise in my life. I cycle or walk to work – not particularly quickly either as I like to enjoy the experience rather than simply get from A to B as quickly as I can. I also weigh myself every day as I think that we’re a bit fitter by not being fatter. And that’s about it at the moment

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