Eurovision – 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest is a uniquely weird annual event that has been going since 1956. Nowhere else would you see such a wired mix of costumes, peoples, and strange presenters. It might be unfair of me to say this but sometimes in seeing the presenters the phrase: ‘Where do they find these people?’ Comes to mind. If you have watched the show you will know what I mean. Then it comes to the spokesperson for the voting. All these people have to do is to read out three numbers – with them all I can think of is: ‘Don’t bury yourself in the part!’

…and the winner is.

The winner was The Netherlands. In my family we have the tradition of eating the food of the host country. So next year it will be edam and gouda. Those being the only dutch foods that come to mind – other than the chocolate sprinkles they have for breakfast.

This was my favourite.

This song from Denmark was nice and simplistic. While I am not completely sure about the ladders it was a good performance and, as an aside, being able to sing while climbing a ladder is quite impressive to me.

I voted for this one too.

This entry from Australia was interesting too. Such a wonderful unique idea for the staging. All it all it was a good year. I enjoyed most of the songs and the UK entry certainly didn’t deserve to have so few points.

I actually rather liked it.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about this contest is that despite it having representatives from so many countries there are always a few that are in contention for the victory. I am surprised at this degree of agreement on what is a good song. I would expect the votes to be a bit more spread out. Still it was a very enjoyable yeah and I will be watching again next year.

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.  

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  1. tridral

    Being an old fogey, I would say that the Eurovision Song Contest was fine up until the early 1970s. Until then the song was the most important thing and the staging was minimal – even amateurish. There wasn’t so much hype and the songs I think were more memorable. My two favourites stayed with me from the early 1970s until I was able to find them on youtube. We didn’t have a television when I was young, so i would only have heard these a few times on the radio

    So here they are:

    1971: Monaco – Séverine – Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue :,_un_arbre,_une_rue

    1972: Apres Toi – Vicky Leandros :

    I would love to return to some simpler staging where the song was more important than anything else, and the program lasted 90 minutes … !

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