What is your group?

Isn’t it weird how we divide ourselves into groups? I am not talking political groups this is not going to turn in to a political debate. Actually come to that I want and don’t want to talk about politics. OK…fine… that had been the plan but I think that this is something I should discuss. The word of the age… Brexit. The politicians have managed to make a complete pig’s breakfast of the whole thing.

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I voted remain back in the 2016. I stand by that and still believe that it is the best thing – even if I do not have that many facts to back that up. Looking at the news and the way things are going it looks like I am in the minority in that regard – or maybe it is just that the powers that be are not listening.

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There are questions that need to be answered about how the campaign was conducted. For some reason the irregularities in the leave campaign have not been enough to get the referendum declared null and void. Maybe we will manage to stay in the EU – maybe not.

Satire at its finest.

This seemed appropriate in the current situation. If there is one thing that is quintessentially British it is the ability to laugh at ourselves.

I agree with this completely.

First and foremost I consider myself Welsh. That comes before anything else and now for the controversial part…


I don’t see much of a difference between Brussels and London. They are both far away places that I have little connection with and frankly I would rather decisions, those that are not made by the Welsh Assembly, be made in Brussels than in London. I like the diversity of the EU and there is a lot we could learn from the other countries. We could even learn something as simple as getting the trains to run on time. And the Scandinavian countries are frequently shown to be amongst the happiest in the world.

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I would one day like to see an interdependent Wales as part of the EU. That may just be a dream of course. Maybe all this comes from growing up with Star Trek. The idea of the Federation is wonderful. I would even like to see an end to borders. To live in such a way that country is much less relevant – maybe only in connection with competitive events.

So, will our next Prime Minister be our eminent Chancellor or our distinguished Foreign Secretary?

That’s what I wanted to ask you, which do you think it should be?

Hmmm. Difficult, like asking which lunatic should run the asylum.

Sir Humphrey and Sir Arnold (Yes (Prime) Minister

Yes here in the UK we will be getting a new Prime Minister before too long. The favourite is Boris Johnson which sounds like a joke. Anyone who has seen Mr Johnson on Have I got News for You will know exactly what I mean. For those of you who do not Mr Johnson has a reputation for being very gaffe prone.


I want to end this post by referring to what I had originally planned this post to be about – the more trivial ways in which people group themselves. And the far more important grouping. Are you a nerd? Are you a jock?

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This is the classic grouping we see in high school. This maybe more of an American thing than a British thing but I think it is worthy of mention. This type of division is trivial and thus easier to dissect. In the real world a person can love football and Star Trek equally. They can know all England’s world cup rankings since it began and know that Worf was the son of Mogh.


Divisions continue all the way down the line. Star Trek fans even have a bit of a debate going about what they call themselves. They have debates over who is the best Captain. And I will admit if someone said Archer I would think they were very wrong but everyone is entitles to their opinion. Now I am going to attempt to wrap this all up.

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The point of my ramble is how much humans have a predilection for division both in trivial matters and in more important matters. Science fiction fans can all be united in their love of the genre. And more specifically Star Trek fans can be happy together despite wildly different opinions. This maybe something I will discuss next time. (Unless I can’t find enough to say or I forget.) Division in fandomes is interesting and infuriating – on the whole though I think people can have calm discussions about their differences. (Your millage may vary) Politics is a little different.

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You might be thinking that Brexit is an all or nothing thing and that remain and leave cannot co-exist. That might be correct but I think there must be some way of reaching a compromise. We need something more than just repeated that ‘brexit means brexit’ – I don’t know what that compromise could look like but then I’m just a blogger not a politician.


I wonder what discussions are going on behind closed doors at the moment.

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.  

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