A Real Human Person

What a strange world we live in. Just now I had to call a company. I naturally expected to be put through to a robot. The call connected and I heard the words: ‘This call may be recorded for training purposes.”

I expected to have to wait for at least two minutes, music, ‘Your call is important.’, music, ect, to be connected. To my surprise this wasn’t a robot but a person. Its come to something when we’re surprised by an actual person picking up the phone. I guess, as with any customer based job, you have to say the same sentence over and over again you’re bound to sound a little robotic.

I work in a customer facing job. There are things we have to say to every customer, asking for their loyalty card, up-selling, and so on. It is enough to drive you mad.

I was already a little mad!


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2 responses to “A Real Human Person

  1. Michael J. Lyle

    I feel like a robot in my job, saying the same thing to customers time and time again! It is maddening. Especially when they don’t pay attention.

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