Thursday is the runt of the week…

Monday: The beginning of the week – we’re resigned to the fact that another week has started.

Tuesday: The week continues its another day.

Wednesday: Mid-week. Hooray it’s almost over.

Friday: Woo-hoo the weekend is here.

Basically Thursday is the annoying hurdle preventing the weekend from coming sooner. This coming Thursday (2015-05-07) is the general election in the UK. Thursday, for the election, has been a tradition for many years. This is therefore the last post before the election. So I just wanted to reiterate what I said before: please vote.

I’m not sure anyone could successfully call this election but let but let me make a prediction.

I find it highly unlikely that there will be a majority government.

My prediction…

Labour will win but not by much.

I also know that my vote doesn’t really count for much as I’m in a safe seat. Click here to see info on your constituency.

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