May the Forth be With You

Today is Star Wars day. Today was also a bank holiday in the UK. Unfortunately I don’t work in a bank so I was working. I didn’t do anything Star Wars related today, unless you count this post, but it seemed like I good time to put my thoughts down about the upcoming movies.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens will be released in December. I have high hopes.

The disaster, clusterfuck, snafu, or whatever you want to call it, of the prequels is well known. They did have some good action sequences but the dialogue – well I don’t need to flog that particular expired equine. You can look at Confused Matthew and Redlettermedia for that. FYI – Redlettermedia has a strange style but if you can ignore the serial killer persona it is definitely worth a watch.

Having seen the trailer for Episode VII – it looks good. Mainly it looks as though they’re not relying too heavily on CGI so just maybe it will be… fantastic!

I am quite optimistic.

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