Black Day

pexels-photo (1) Mental health. I have talked about this before on this blog and I dare say I will again. I know that this is a topic that is everywhere these days. And I know that sometimes the response is to ‘suck it up’ – or may be even a sentence that begins with the words ‘In my day…’

To show I have some rebellious qualities I’ll address the second one first.  Have you ever come across this sort of sentence: ‘In my day we just got one with it.’?

What I am driving it is the idea some people have that anxiety and depression are new things and that in the past people just got on with their lives. I am sure I have heard that argument somewhere. There is however a flaw in that logic.

As time goes on the human race changes and develops. I remember my Nana telling me a sad story. I think  pexels-photo-220197that this happened to a neighbour of hers…

Back in the days before having a phone in the house was normal an old man was having problems with his heart.

His wife quickly went up the road to call for an ambulance. Sadly by the time she’d returned the man had died. The point of this story is that today, with a phone immediately to hand, that man would have lived.

I remember once hearing an old woman reject the idea of having a mobile for emergencies. And said something to the effect of ‘Did emergencies not exist before mobiles?”

Yes they did. And sometimes people died.

So, by the same token, I think that depression, anxiety, and other mental issues have probably always existed. However it is my opinion that it isn’t that we have suddenly seen an explosion in mental health issues – rather we hear about them more. And we can do things to help people.

As the title of this post suggests I get bad days. There is no explanation for why. There are no big things changing from day-to-day – I just get days that are bad. On the bad days I just feel like everything is pointless and it is difficult to find happiness.


The fact that feelings come and go make getting help more complex.

I had a temperamental ipod once and wanted to get it fixed. Being temperamental though meant I couldn’t guarantee that it would be malfunctioning on a day when I could get to the shops.

It is sort of the same with me. Right now I feel fine. Not great, not happy exactly, but not exactly sad either, just fine. I feel no need for help at the moment. However I think that those feelings could resurface at any moment and then I will feel that need of help again.

I have a week off work coming up and that should be a good time to evaluate myself. It will give me an opportunity to work a few things out. To work out what I need to be happy. pexels-photo-68721

I hope that you reading this now are happy. I hope that you are smiling. I hope you have someone special in your life.

And if you are going through some stuff, having bad days, I hope you can find your happiness.

I know there are some cliches in this post but it was something I needed to say. Have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll be back soon.

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.


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