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My work week runs from Tuesday-Saturday this was a decision I made a little while back. (I’m not sure when. Time has lost all meaning this year) I made it to have more structure and so that I could always be able to guarantee being around for events such as family gatherings. It would save my parents the annoyance of working out if it was my week with a weekend off or not.

Having two days off together is a good way to reboot and to feel refreshed – at least that is the plan. What tends to happen though is that on a Sunday I tend to crash and crash hard.

This happens in the afternoon. I end up with no energy and need to try and take a nap. It is a frustrating for me as I like to be doing stuff and even though I have no energy it feels like a waste of a day off.

This is going to sound bad – but there have been times when being with family I have fallen asleep in the afternoon – pre-covid of course. My mum always says that if that happened then I must need the rest.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

I am rather slow on the uptake but I am dumbly starting to realise how much of a delicate balance the human body is. From sleep, to nutrition, to exercise it all contributes to how we feel day-to-day and I don’t think I am doing well in any of those catagries.

I now have a date for moving into my new place – a one bedroom flat as opposed to a studio flat. Once again I am pinning my hopes on this bringing about a change. This is a common mistake but maybe something will change.

One piece of advice I have seen repeated again and again is to switch off electrical devices an hour before bed. Will this be easier when I have a living room to leave them in?

I will have a proper sized freezer allowing for meal prep. Will this mean that I cook more and rely on simpler food less?

I will be able to have a bike again – so getting home from work will be twice as fast and it is less likely I will be tempted by food on the way home.

I will also have a back patio meaning I can get some air without having to go anywhere.

And I will be able to exercise at home without having to worry about the person living below me as it is a ground floor place.

It is my hope that all of these factors will contribute to better well being. I fear that may not be true.

I may have been too much for introspection here lately. Is that what a blog is for? My mind feels blocked lately like I am devoid of energy – and I need to come up with a fix for how I feel but I don’t know what that fix is.

The internet can be a wonderful place for finding things out but there is so much information it can be very confusing figuring out what is best for each individual – although no one would argue that more vegetables is a good thing – he said while thinking that dinner will probably be pizza.

I just wanted to say that I have checked this post. I really have. Unfortunately my particular combination of dyslexia and dyspraxia makes it really hard for me to spot typos. Please enjoy and I’ll try not to make too many errors.

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